FHIR DevDays & StudentsTrack 2018

Oliver Krauss, participated at the FHIR Developer Days 2018 in Amsterdam. A big thank you to HL7 Austria for sponsoring Oliver! Another highlight was the visit of ChipSoft. Thank you ChipSoft-Team for the great organization and hospitality!

In addition to attending diverse instructive presentations and talks, Oliver also conducted a presentation concerning eConsent, and how to render FHIR resources in a user friendly way using HTML and templating.

This year four of our students had the opportunity to be part of the StudentsTrack. There they could network with other students from different countries and test the interoperability of their implementation (according to the given topic of medical devices) in a small Connectathon. In the end the great results were presented to a jury consisting of FHIR experts. A big congratulations to Nina Stromberger and Valentin Rothensteiner for reaching first place in the competition! The two students from the Medical and Bioinformatics (MBI) bachelors degree convinced the jury with their topic. They connected legacy laboratory devices over serial port to a Raspberry Pi which translates the (often proprietary) messages into FHIR Resources and uploads them to FHIR server. The system includes fault handling, and modifying messages before upload, ex. to add the patient to the observation. This tackles a real world issue, where older, functional devices can be brought back into modern digital workflows.