The research group “AIST – Advanced Information Systems and Technology” researches software solutions in the fields of eHealth, Machine Learning and Data Mining as well as Computer Vision.


The IT support of integrated care (“eHealth”) enables the definition, analysis and optimization of suitable interfaces, adequate care processes and affordable business models for high-quality care and case management in the healthcare sector. The goal of integrated care is to provide comprehensive, coordinated and continuous services that ensure a seamless care process along the entire care continuum. [according to Hagen Kühn, Science Center Berlin]

Machine Learning & Data Mining

The department of Machine Learning deals with algorithms, that are able to automatically find a domain-specific result based on patterns in data. This includes methods for the classification and identification of subjects in digital information, which are also capable of continuously improving their own result by expanding the data. The basic idea is not to teach algorithms explicitly how to solve a task, but to achieve this automatically using training data. 

Computer Vision

Computer Vision deals with the analysis of image content and thus the extraction of semantic information. Similar to the ability of humans to understand their environment by means of visual impressions, this research field tries to create a comparable capability for digital systems. For example, in the thematic field of Mixed Reality it is necessary to combine information from the real world with digital data. For this purpose, image information must first be created, pre-processed and then analyzed.