About us

The research group „AIST - Advanced Information Systems and Technology“ researches softwaresystems in different areas. Focus are communication, assistive and analysing systems, as well as integration for extensive assistance of humans.

In the future, the research group will focus on improving the availability of IT-assisted health- and fitness-systems by incorporating systems in the fields of Autonomous Devices, Virtual/Augmented Reality and Mobile Systems, as well as the integration of standards and standard components.


Institutions, incentive systems, standards and qualifications in modern healthcare systems should ensure, that as many people with health problems as possible can get to the right institution, which offers appropriate, continuous, effective and efficient care, at the right time. The goal of integrated healthcare is the preparation of extensive, coordinated and continouous services, which allow for a seamless healthcare process alongside the entire care continuum (prevention, primary medical and specialist ambulatory care, stationary care, rehabilitation). [defined by Hagen Kühn, Scientific centre Berlin]
The IT-support of integrated healthcare (“e-Health“) allows the definition, analysis and optimisation of suitable interfaces, more adequate healthcare processes, as well as affordable business models for high-quality care- and case-management for the health system.

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