I3M 2023

During the last three days, our colleagues Clara Diesenreiter, Oliver Krauss, Andreas Pointner, Christoph Praschl and Gerald Zwettler had the pleasure to present the recent work from AIST (FH OÖ) at the “20th International Multidisciplinary Modeling & Simulation Multiconference” in Athens (Greece). Within their talks, they presented multiple on-going projects from our research group including BAMBI, Wako3D and Lica. The presented papers were:

  • Christoph Praschl and David Schedl: Towards an Automated Biodiversity Modelling Process for Forest Animals using Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles
  • Gerald Adam Zwettler, Martin Trixner, Clemens Schartmüller, Sophie Bauernfeind, Thomas Stockinger and Christoph Praschl: Towards an Automated Process for Adaptive Modelling of Orthoses and Shoe Insoles in Additive Manufacturing
  • Andreas Pointner, Christoph Praschl and Oliver Krauss: Enhancing Interoperability of HL7 Resources Using Namespaces in Graph Databases
  • Clara Diesenreiter, Oliver Krauss and Barbara Traxler: Extending International Terminology Systems to Enhance Communication Between Nursing Services
  • Oliver Krauss and Andreas Schuler: Identifying Energy Efficiency Patterns in Sorting Algorithms via Abstract Syntax Tree Mining

At this point we would like to thank all conference participants for their presentations and the discussions.