Our colleagues Sophie Bauernfeind, Elisabeth Mayrhuber, Andreas Pointner, Christoph Praschl and Simone Sandler participated in this year’s International Conference on Electrical, Computer, Communications, and Mechatronics Engineering (ICECCME) and were allowed to present their work from various AIST research projects, namely:

  • Sophie Bauernfeind, Christoph Praschl, Markus Wakolbinger, Gerald Zwettler: Classification of Footprints for Correctives in Orthopedics.
  • Elisabeth Mayrhuber, Oliver Krauss, Martin Hanreich, Andreas Stöckl: Towards an Ontology and Process Mining-Based System for Targeted E-Commerce Marketing Strategy Suggestions
  • Andreas Pointner, Martin Harrer: A Rule Based Data Cleansing Pipeline for Automated Data Import in the Context of Social Clubs
  • Christoph Praschl, Sophie Bauernfeind, Christian Leitner, Gerald Zwettler: Domain-Driven Design as a Model Contract in Full-Stack Development
  • Sebastian Pritz, Martina Zeinzinger, Christoph Praschl, Oliver Krauss, Martin Harrer: Performance Impact of Parallel Access of Time Series in the Context of Relational, NOSQL and NEWSQL Database Management Systems
  • Simone Sandler, Oliver Krauss, Elisabeth Mayrhuber, Andreas Stöckl: Using An Event Hierarchy for İmproved Process Mining of Website User Behaviour