HL7 Austria & DICOM Annual Conference

From 13.03.2023 to 16.03.2023 the HL7 & DICOM annual conference took place in Vienna. The AIST research group was represented by the colleagues Clara Diesenreiter, Oliver Krauss, Andreas Pointner and Barbara Traxler. The colleagues participated in several presentations and workshops, together with our colleagues Anna Lin and Anja Schwab from the Bioinformatics research group, as well as our former colleagues Andreas Schuler and Emmanuel Helm.

In addition, we are pleased to note that Clara won the HL7 Austria Student Award in the Bachelor Thesis category for her thesis “Digital Documentation of Nursing Services: Analysis of fields of action and terminology systems” (Original: „Digitale Dokumentation von Pflegedienstleistungen: Analyse der Handlungsfelder und Terminologiesysteme“).