Makerspace Opening

This Thursday, the second makerspace operated by STIWA was opened in the AMSEC. A small group of AIST employees joined the event. The makerspace itself caters to students and tinkers by providing equipment like 3 FDM-printer and 1 SLA-printer and soldering stations to realize small projects. Some Virtual Reality gear is also available on request.
The opening itself started with presentations and a tour through the makerspace itself, where also the nearby medical laboratory of STIWA was presented, and our employees were granted an exclusive tour through it. Then the evening was then finished comfortable with free drinks and snacks gratuitously provided by STIWA.

One of our international interns, Anthony, jammed at the event, supplying the event with musical ambience following the exciting performance of Sound Gurus. The brass band kept us moving and prevented our feets from getting cold. The jam session afterwards was open to join for everyone, and some took up that offer, with even the mayor joining for a quick song.

Our team is happy about the new addition to the Hagenberg landscape and is excited for what projects may result from it.