BAMBI Kick-Off

Intact ecosystems, such as forests, are equally important for animals and humans and represent the basis of life on our planet. Due to the threat of climate catastrophe, the integrity of these is at risk worldwide. Central to maintaining an intact environment is the preservation and promotion of biodiversity.

Yesterday saw the launch of the BAMBI research project, which is concerned with the analysis of this biodiversity with the aid of camera drones and artificial intelligence. By using light field technology, it should be possible for the first time to make what is happening on the forest floor visible, and thus to detect and classify animals with a high degree of reliability and ultimately to determine statistical key figures with regard to number, distribution and distribution.

BAMBI is funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and implemented by the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, the Büro für Wildökologie und Forstwirtschaft e.U., UMWELTDATA GmbH, and ViewCopter e.U.. In addition, the project is supported by the hunting associations of Lower Austria, Upper Austria, and Tyrol.