HL7 Workgroup Meeting Madrid

For the first time since the KIMBO Project started, a HL7 WGM was actually held in Europe. Fortunately we were able to send even more members of the KIMBO team than usual to the event. Reinhard Egelkraut and Karl Holzer from Compu Group Medical Austria as well as Andreas Schuler and Oliver Krauss attended the WGM in Madrid hosted by HL7 Spain. As always a big thank you to HL7 Austria for sponsoring Olivers attendance.

In another first, the FHIR Workflow concepts were tested in a track led by Oliver Krauss. Members of four different organizations participated in the track, all of which successfully tested the scenarios. This shows that the documentation is easy enough to read and understand to work with the Request/Event pattern FHIR provides.

We are looking forward to the next Connectathon and Workgroup Meeting in San Diego.