Over the last week multiple recent publications that have been (co-)authored by colleagues from our research group have been presented at this year’s International Conference on Computer Aided Systems Theory (EUROCAST 2024) in Gran Canaria. This includes:

  • Heidrun Mühle, Oliver Krauss, Andreas Stöckl: The Human-Centered AI-DATA Model for Digital Customer Journeys in E-Commerce
  • Simone Sandler, Oliver Krauss, Andreas Stöckl: Using LLMs and Websearch in Order to Perform Fact Checking on Texts Generated by LLMs
  • Martin Hanreich, Oliver Krauss, Gerald Zwettler: Efficient Classification of Live Sensor Data on Low-Energy IoT Devices with Simple Machine Learning Methods
  • Christoph Praschl, Mert Dalkilic, Sophie Bauernfeind,Markus Wakolbinger, Gerald Zwettler: Customization and Analysis of Orthopedic Aids
  • Christoph Praschl, David Schedl, Andreas Stöckl: Modeling Wildlife Accident Risk with Gaussian Mixture Models

Simone, Martin and Christoph had the opportunity to be part of this year’s delegation of University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and represent AIST at EUROCAST. We wanted to thank the other participants for the great scientific environment and the discussions and feedback not only regarding our presentations, but during the whole conference.