ICST 2023

Andreas Pointner was allowed to participate in the ICST 2023 conference this year. There, he was able to present his research at the PhD Symposium and exchange ideas with other researchers, practitioners and academics in the field of software testing, verification and validation. The conference provided a platform to present Andrea’s work and receive valuable feedback from experts in the field.

The sessions were informative and insightful, covering a wide range of topics related to software testing, from test automation to model-based testing and security testing. The keynote presentations were particularly inspiring and highlighted the latest trends and challenges in the field.

In addition, the conference provided ample opportunities for networking and socializing with peers and experts in the field. The ICST community was welcoming and supportive, creating a positive and collaborative atmosphere throughout the conference.

Andreas said, “Overall, attending the 2023 ICST Conference was a fantastic experience and I am very glad that I was able to participate. I look forward to staying connected with the ICST community and continuing to contribute to the field of software testing and verification.”