FHIRDevDays & StudentsTrack 2015

Andreas Schuler and Oliver Krauss had the opportunity of visiting the FHIR DevDays in Amsterdam. Next to a Hackathon on several FHIR Tracks, there were a lot of interesting talks by members of the community. You can find some videos of the presentations here. A big thank you to HL7 Austria for sponsoring Andreas and Oliver!

Six of our students also had the opportunity to be invited to the StudentsTrack organized by Marten Smits (thank you for the great organization Marten and Furore. Students from Heilbronn University, the Medical University of Vienna and the Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC) participated as well. AMC organized a FHIR-Day where current projects from the different universities on FHIR were presented. In addition they opened their Medical Museum to the students.

The Assignment for the DevDays was to select a medical device, get data from it to a smartphone or PC and then upload that data as Observation resource(s) to a FHIR-Server, including a related Patient and Device. The data also had to be visualized on the application. The assignment showed the FHIR-Community valuable insight on the readability of their documentation and tutorials. In addition our students learned a new lession about interoperability when they were told during the track that they have to work with data from other participants. With FHIR as with any interoperability standard you still need to define semantics to make inter-application/organization cooperation possible.

We are already looking forward to the DevDays 2016 and suggest you show up as well!