Project Aicher

PASS – Plan Analysis using Self-learning Solutions

The project PASS encompasses methods and technologies to develop a system that enables automated transformations from hand- or machine-drawn 2D construction plans into a 3D model with a special focus on simulations and analyses on that model. Research topics include classification and modeltransformation to generate data that enables simulations and calculations for the Building Information Modeling (BIM) sector.
Runtime: 01.12.2017 - 30.11.2019
Partners: Aicher IT-Consulting GmbH
Funding: Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) - General Programme

BPCA – Building Plan Component Analysis

In this project, different machine learning methods are implemented, allowing the identification of different components from a construction plan. The construction plans are preprocesses using different methods, like splitting the construction plan in quadratic pictures, or breaking the plan down to each line. Goal of the project is to allow an automatic transformation of 2D-construction plans to 3D-building modells using the analysed components.
Runtime: 01.09.2016 - 28.02.2017
Partners: Aicher IT-Consulting GmbH
Funding: Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) - General Programme

Scientific development

2020 - Automated Transformation Of 2D Classified Building Plan Into an Analysis Model
Not yet published
A. Pointner, C. Praschl, A. Schuler

2020 - Model Verification Using Neo4J Graph Databases
Not yet published
C. Praschl, A. Pointner, A. Schuler

2017 - Comparison of Classifications for the Analysis of Building Plan Components

Not yet published
D. Wilfing, O. Krauss


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  • Oliver Krauss MSc (Projektleitung)
  • DI (FH) Dr. Gerald Adam Zwettler MSc (Projektleitung)
  • Andreas Pointner MSc (Forschung)
  • Christoph Praschl MSc (Forschung)
  • Philipp Aichinger (Forschung)
Aicher IT-Consulting GmbH:
  • Georg Aicher (Projektleitung)
  • Martin Aicher (Projektleitung)
  • Christina Astleithner


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