As part of the project cooperation with Doppel N Marketing GmbH, research is being conducted into the development of innovative software that uses AI technologies to optimise the management of comments on social media platforms. The software should be able to offer the user three brand-specific, AI-generated responses to new social media comments. To do this, it analyses the company’s website and learns from historical comments. The software should enable significant time and cost savings for users by ensuring efficient, automated response finding and an in-depth understanding of customer interactions. A particular focus of this project is the development of a sentiment analysis of all historical comments in order to provide users with an improved overview in the form of a dashboard and to optimise response prompting based on this. Ultimately, each historical and new comment on the user’s social media page is to be assigned to one of the previously defined categories using artificial intelligence.

Runtime: 01.03.2024 – 31.08.2024
Partner: Doppel N Marketing GmbH

  • Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) – Innovationsscheck (Focus Sentiment Analysis)
  • easy2research (Focus Prompt Engineering)